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Victoria Silver Coins Value: Victoria 1883 One Rupee Coin Value Worth 1 Crore



Victoria Silver Coins have caught the attention of many, but most people are unaware of whether they are real or fake. Many do not even realise their value, whether in thousands or millions. In this article, we will discuss Victoria’s coins year by year and it’s value. This means we will examine their prices year by year and how to identify them correctly. 

Victoria Queen Series One Coin Value

The story of Queen Victoria’s coins began after the death of William Firth in 1840. They are referred to as the ‘Victoria Queen Series One Coin.’ The Series One Coin has a continuous legend, which means that the words written on the coins indicate their authority to determine their worth. The legend on this coin consists of the words ‘Queen’ and ‘Victoria,’ and thus, it is called a ‘Continuous Legend’ coin.

These coins were produced from 1840 to 1850, but every coin made during this period was marked with the year 1840, earning it the nickname ‘Frozen Year.’ Among the coins made during these ten years, the most precious were the ₹1 coins from the Madras Mint. Today, these coins can be worth between ₹4,000 to ₹5000 in UNC condition.

You can identify the Madras Mint coins by looking for an ‘S’ mark on them. Additionally, if you find a V mark embossed on the bottom of the ribbon on the reverse side of the coin, it’s also a Madras Mint coin. Furthermore, if you spot an M mark on this part of the ribbon on the reverse side, it’s another indicator of a Madras Mint coin. That covers Queen Victoria’s Series One Coin with the Continuous Legend.

Victoria Queen Divided Legend coin Value

Queen Victoria’s Series To had a divided legend, as ‘Queen’ and ‘Victoria’ were written separately on these coins. These divided legend coins were produced from 1850 to 1860, and just like the previous series, they all bore the year 1840, marking them as the ‘Frozen Year.’ The most precious coins during this period were, once again, the ₹1 coins from the Madras Mint, with current values ranging from ₹3,000 to ₹4000 in UNC condition. To identify these coins, look for mint marks. If you see ‘WWR,’ ‘WWB,’ ‘WWS,’ or ‘Dubbed B’ letters appearing, it’s a Madras Mint coin. If you only see ‘WW,’ it’s a coin from the Mumbai or Kolkata Mint, with a value typically ranging between ₹2 to ₹2500.

Crowned Victoria Coin Value

Queen Victoria coins, known as ‘Crowned Queen.’ These coins feature a crown on the head of Victoria and were produced from 1862 to 1874, spanning 12 years. Once again, all coins from this period were marked with the year 1862 as the ‘Frozen Year.’ Notably, these coins bore the name of the East India Company and had the coin’s value written in Persian ₹1, marking a significant change in British coinage. As these coins were produced for 12 years, they are not particularly rare today. In UNC condition, one of these coins can be valued between ₹2,000 to ₹2500.

In 1874, a significant change occurred as the practice of marking coins with the ‘Frozen Year’ was abolished. From that point on, the year of minting was inscribed on the coins. This marked an update in Queen Victoria’s reign, which continued until 1901. Some coins from this era have become highly valuable, such as the ₹1 coin from 1881, with UNC prices exceeding ₹10,000. These coins, whether from Bombay or Kolkata, can be identified based on mint marks. For the Kolkata Mint, look for a ‘C’ written in the center of the bottom floor. To identify the Bombay Mint, a dot is placed above the tip of the bottom floor.

Victoria 1883 One Rupee Coin Value

Another precious coin is the ₹1 coin from 1883, valued at ₹4,000 to ₹X in UNC condition. Once again, both the Calcutta and Bombay Mints produced these coins. To identify the Calcutta Mint, look for the letter ‘C’ written in the center of the bottom floor, while the Bombay Mint can be identified by the letter ‘B’ on the top floor stem.

Victoria’s Most Valuable Coin

One of the most sought-after coins is the ₹1 coin from 1897, valued at ₹45,000 to ₹50,000 in UNC condition, and even between ₹15,000 to ₹25,000 if not in UNC condition. Both the Bombay and Kolkata Mints produced this coin. To identify the Bombay Mint, look for a top floor on the bottom floor, which represents the suppressed capital letter ‘B.’ For the Calcutta Mint, look for the letter ‘C.’

Lastly, the article mentions Victoria Empress coins, which are considered highly valuable. A UNC coin from 1891 is priced between ₹6 to ₹7000, making it a coveted item among collectors. From 1840 to 1901, Queen Victoria’s coins went through various changes. 

This article provides valuable insights into the history of these coins and their current values. Apart from the mentioned coins, there is also a Victoria coin worth more than a crore.

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