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One Pice Hole Coin Value: This Coin Can Make You Rich



One Pice Hole Coin ValueTraces of war can still be seen on coins made during the Second World War, testifying to the same round, a coin of money that was made in the middle A hole to meet the metal requirement in Second World War.  

In this article today we will talk about the most interesting copper coin of British India, this coin is One Pice Hole Coin made during George Sixth. it has been named hole coin because it has formed a hole in the middle of this coin. Also we will discuss about One Pice Hole Coin Value.

Identify One Pice Hole Coin 

By the way, it is very easy to identify this coin but if you want to recognize the precious coins from these coins then it is very important to know its design. a little bit On the upper side of the coin you see the design of the Imperial Crown written just below it. The mitting year of the coin i.e. the year in which this coin was made year.

And under this mitting year you will see the mint mark of the coin which will tell that this coin is made in Bombay Mint, made in Kolkatta Mint or Lahore Mint or else In Foreign Mint Pretoria.  This mint mark made under the mitting year of the coins will decide how much you will get for that coin.

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Looking ahead on one side of the coin, the left has written in English, One Pice and Hindi has written a penny and one side of the coin India. 

This was the details of the coin’s over side. Now talk about the reverse side of the coin, then nothing is written on it. Here you get the design that you see Demonstrates Bella. Now talk about this coin metal, it is made of copper metal as well as the weight of this coin is 1.94 grams, Size 21.4 mm and its shape is circular. 

These coins have been made by four different mints in four different years. Those years were 1943 1944 1945 and 1947. that is, you only have this on your coins The years will be seen and he was four different mints Bombay Mint Kolkata Mint Lahore Mint and a Foreign Mint Pretoria. 

One Pice Hole Coin Value

Now let’s see the first precious coin of this series, first you see the year written on your coin, if you see the year 1945 on your hole coin, now of 1945 Look at the mint mark below. This mint mark is very small, so you can resort to magnifying glass to see it or even zoom your mobile camera. If you see the written capital letter L below the year 1945, then it is the coin of the Lahore Mint and is valuable as well as being collected So you can get this one coin from ₹ 100 to 300 Dipping on Condition and Market Availability.

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Next Precious Hole Coin On this coin you should see the year written, below 1944 and the year 1944 should be the Mint Mark Capital Letter L. Capital L ie this coin is made Lahore If you see this coin in your collection by Mint, then you can get this one coin from ₹100 to 300.

This is the next precious and rare coin of the hole coin. You should see the year on this coin. 1944 and you should see any mark of mint even after looking carefully under the year Should not be given because Kolkata Mint does not have any of its own Mint Mark, if you have a 1944 hole coin whose mark of any mint under the year is visible If you do not give, then you can get this one coin, from Rs 300 to Rs 1000, Dependence on Condition Depend on Condition, here means that when there is a verifying condition ₹1000 This coin can be priced if 300 rupees extra fine condition.

Most Expensive One Pice Hole Coin

So apart from friends in coins, every coin of hole coin has a price ranging from ₹20 to ₹60, irrespective of the year or any mint But right now because I am going to show you in Whole Coin. a coin that has been sold for the last few years at a price of 9000 is an error coin in which its hole The position of the center has shifted from the center. If this hole was in the right place in the center, then this coin would have cost only ₹20. But this coin has been priced due to the shift of the hole ₹9000. 

Yes, this coin has been sold at a high price of 9000 rupees 2 years ago in Todiwala, India’s well-known auction house and not just in the second auction house Similar hole shift coins have been auctioned and sold at a price of up to Rs 10000.


So if you also have such a hole shift one pie coin, then keep it with you, you can get a good price and yes such coins in haste or greed Do not buy those whose size and shape have been tampered with and in which such errors are intentionally made. The market of coins is filled with fake coins. So be careful You also have a responsibility.

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